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General Application

Want to join the force? 

Herein user, execution and the results rule only.


So you think we're a good match?

First, beware of the fact that this is a general application pool form.

If you believe that you can work with us as a UX Producer, UX Designer, UX Analytics Professional, Content Manager or UX Engineer and help us achieve what we've been targeting, why don't share what you've done so far with us?

So that once the related position is open, you could be the first one to be invited. 

Then we'll be able to move on with a coffee and talk about the rest...

Lastly, all the prospect positions will have HR Packages that will include

  • A Rich Private Health Insurance Pack paid 100% of the cost
  • Large room for Personal Growth supported with sectoral workshops attendance and webinars
  • Yearly gross salary starting from 60K, reaching 95K TL depending on the open position and candidates past job experience
  • And other routine legal benefits for sure

Daily culture